Stargazer Lily. Isn't it beautiful. this is a lili plant that I gave my neighbour and it is thriving in her garden!

Stargazer Lily

I gave this lily plant to my neighbour as a gift.  It's now thriving in her beautiful garden and I get to enjoy it every summer when it blooms so beautifully.

Coastal Mountains of BC from the east side of Quadra Island

. Taken in early january 2023 when we had a cold spell. This day was -1C and I was in awe of the depth of the blue in each part of the photo, from the sky and clouds to the various land masses and the water between me and the distant mountains.

Chocolate Lilies aka Mission Bells or Checker Lily

These bloom between late April and late May in the shaded areas of meadows on Quadra Island and are a favourite of mine.

Wild/ Western Bleeding Heart 

This was part of the local phot club assignment for March 2022 called "New Growth". I nearly stepped on it as I was taking the photo of the Big Leaf Maple Flower and was delighted when I saw it. I love bleeding hearts as they remind me of my childhood growing up on a small semi rural farm in the central Fraser Valley BC.

Sunflower and Three Bees

A bright hot sunny day when all the bees were feeding, much to my delight.

Big Leaf Maple Flower Close-up

This was part of the local photo club assignment for March 2022 called "New Growth" and was fun to take.

On the Way to Cape Mudge

This photo was taken for several reasons. The first is the beautiful colours of the Big Leaf Maples and the arbour that they create over the roadway. The second is that the roadway leads to the Indigenous Village of the Wai Wa Kai Nation with the local name of Cape Mudge Village. The third reason is that the road also leads to the Canadian Coast Guard Light Station at the headland named Cape Mudge after one of the explorers who came to this area.

Tree Frog in Chrysanthemum Flower

We hear these wee creatures when they are hiding in the leaves and petals of local flowers. They are very illusive and it took me 3 hours of having my camera set up and watching closely to get this photograph.

Showing the Size of the Tree Frog in my husband's hand

Wild Honeysuckle on Quadra Island

This photo was taken of the large honeysuckle bush that is at the entrance to Rebecca Spit Provincial Park. The bushes in the park bloom from late May to early June.


"Hello, I made it" This amazing Sunflower bloomed in late September 2022 and I took this photo October 1, 2022. Thank you to my husband who called me outside saying "Get out here, this light is just right for the sunflowers at the end of the driveway."

Acorns in a Garry Oak Tree waiting to ripen, fall off and hopefully start the growth of another Garry Oak tree. The Garry Oaks are a species of tree found only on the western and southern areas of Vancouver Island and are endangered due to habitat loss. This photo was taken amongst the small Garry Oak stand in Pirates Park on Protection Island in late July 2023

Local marina at Pirates Park on Protection Island one summer afternoon. Protection island is accessible by boat and float plane only and the island transportation is by golf carts. Protection  Island gets it's name from it's geographical position at the entrance to Nanaimo Harbour, Vancouver Island BC. Canada

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