Matillija Poppy

Hummingbird Babies ready to leave the nest

Yellow Calla Lilies Dressed in Black

"Frozen in Time" Fern frond covered in Hoar Frost 2019

Calla Lilies

Oriental Brilliant Scarlet Poppy

Bumble Bee and Spring Crocus

Asiatic Lily in Filtered Sunlight

Swallowtail Butterfly in Asiatic Lily

"Catching the Light" Spring Crocus

Black Water German Iris

Magic Encounter Bearded Iris

Pine White Butterfly

Multi Blue Clematis Lanuginosa

"At Last Rose"

Sweet Rose in Winter

Orange Flame Parrot Tulip

Laburnum Blossoms in Spring

Multi Blue x Clematis Lanuginosa


Pink Flame Parrot Tulip

Swallowtail Butterfly in the Honeysuckle

Foxglove and Bee

Hollyhock and Bee

Sunflower and Bee

Western Red Cedar in the Mist

Fisherman's Wharf in Winter Light, Victoria BC Canada

Sunset from Whiskey Point Quadra Is. BC Canada

Quathiaski Cove from Whiskey Point Bluffs looking northeast over Grouse Island Quadra Is. BC Canada

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